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Every year the Heritage Open Days festival chooses a theme and for 2023 it is 'Creativity Unwrapped.' We want to celebrate the stories and work of the experts and enthusiastic amateurs who add that something extra to all aspects of our daily lives. So whether you’re thinking of the Arts with a capital ‘A’ or art in all its lowercase glory – from high-brow literature to slam poetry, old masters to street art – we want to know your story! 

Who were the designers behind your building, park or garden? Has some aspect of your area been immortalised in a song, painting or film? Are there artists or creative figures with links to your local area? This year we asking our organisers in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to consider how they might celebrate the creativity in our area. You don’t have to follow the theme but it may be worth thinking about how you could link your Heritage Open Day to the theme - it could give you some ideas how to bring a new twist to your event!

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