Edible England


Every year the Heritage Open Days festival chooses a theme and for 2021 it is 'Edible England.' Nature, in its myriad forms, needs cherishing and championing more than ever, and this year's HODs encouraged people to discover its histories and stories across the Sheffield region.

 From woodland foraging to factory floor, forgotten recipes to regional delicacies, we're asking our festival community to explore the past, present, and future of our culinary heritage and culture.

We are increasingly becoming a nation of foodies and what we eat and drink is at the heart of much of our culture, our history, our communities, and our lives. It's a doorway into hidden histories, regional differences and the myriad cultures around us. It’s a universal language and one of our basic needs, the perfect starting point for another diverse, fun, exciting festival year!

Download and browse through our Sheffield Brochure and discover the Edible England treats in store for you during Sheffield Heritage Open Days 2021.