Hidden Nature



Every year the Heritage Open Days festival chooses a theme and for 2020 it was 'Hidden Nature.' Nature, in its myriad forms, needs cherishing and championing more than ever, and this year's HODs encouraged people to discover its histories and stories across the Sheffield region.

Across the city there are many tucked-away green spaces which you might not be aware of. You could have explored Sheffield's hidden natural and industrial heritage along the route of the Porter Brook, or discovered the Percy Cane Heritage Garden tucked away behind Broomhill Library. A particular highlight was the 'Sheffield in the 1980s' photographic exhibition where visitors could discover the Gardeners Rest's quirky garden on the banks of the Don.

Download and browse through our Sheffield Brochure and discover the Hidden Nature treats which were free to explore for Sheffield Heritage Open Days 2020.

'Hidden Nature' at the Gardeners Rest.JP