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People Power

This year we are celebrating 'People Power' – the ability of local communities, groups and individuals to evoke change.

This year’s theme is inspired by two contrasting anniversaries, which highlight the different forms of People Power:

  • 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre: British forces attacked a massive pro-democracy rally on St Peter’s Field, Manchester. The ensuing outrage helped publicise the call for parliamentary representation and led to the founding of the Guardian newspaper.

  • 25th anniversary of Heritage Open Days:  Over the years, we’ve seen many of you do extraordinary things for your communities: opening museums, creating networks, saving sites from unsuitable developments. All of these have made - and continue to make -  a real difference. So this year, we are celebrating your achievements, which represent two and a half decades of ‘people power’ in its purest form.

Tell your Sheffield People Power stories

  • Who has changed and shaped your world?

  • What movements have been created, friendships forged, communities strengthened and buildings saved in your area?

  • Which people have been instrumental in creating your Heritage Open Days and what impact has this had on your community?