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Astounding Inventions


Every year the Heritage Open Days festival chooses a theme and for 2022 it is 'Astounding Inventions.' Uncovering places, people, and stories that traditional history has overlooked or forgotten has always been at the very heart of Heritage Open Days. Inventions are integral to daily life and yet so easily their historical significance and the inventors behind them can be overlooked, particularly given just how many inventions have been founded in England. So this year we asking our organisers in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to consider how they might celebrate the legacy of invention in our area.

So please join us in celebrating England's rich history of invention, industry and innovation with our 2022 theme Astounding Inventions. Whether it’s transporting visitors back to the industrial revolution, examining the inventions that power our daily lives, highlighting the legacy of a local inventor, or showcasing cutting-edge innovations - this year we are looking forward to showcasing the amazing innovations, inventions and people who have shaped our local history and heritage. 


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